Our philosophy

At FORTEFIS everything moves around the locomotive systems.

Our objective is to help people with our advice and support in the recovery and maintenance of their well-being.

We offer an innovative concept based on professional knowledge and continuous training,

Therefore, we serve
our clients by:

  • treating our patients
  • looking after companies and their employees,
  • training other manual therapists,
  • We combine our Knowledge and Hearth to offer our patients the best service.


We have a responsibility towards patients, doctors, companies, students and any person who is interested in our services. We are dedicated to satisfying the demands of our clients “as a whole” and are always interested in improving our level of quality (therefore we work together with competent partners). The individual needs of our patients and of our clients are our priorities and requires from us a high level of quality of what we have to offer.

The satisfaction of our patients and clients is our main goal.